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Meet Sarah from Melbourne, Australia – a powerhouse with a Masters in Exercise Science (strength and conditioning). Driven and determined, she lives by the mantra, "The conditions are always perfect" by Trevor Hendy, embodying resilience and positivity.

With a passion for people and coaching, Sarah finds joy in helping others unleash their potential. When she's not transforming lives, you'll catch her indulging in her guilty pleasure – chocolate! Lots and lots of chocolate.

Contrary to the stereotype, Sarah's training isn't limited to strength workouts alone. She's a running enthusiast and thrives on cardio challenges. Her fitness philosophy revolves around trusting your instincts and being kind to yourself – a motto that echoes in her empathetic and uplifting approach to life.

In the vibrant city of Melbourne, Sarah is not just shaping bodies; she's inspiring a community to embrace strength, kindness, and the perfect conditions for a fulfilling life!