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Introducing Aubrie, our powerhouse with a passion for surfing and a black belt in Tae Kwon Do! Known for her strength, loyalty, and empathy, Aubrie lives by the mantras "Life's rejection is God's protection" and "This too shall pass." She's on a continuous journey to build strength and stay fit, always prioritizing her family. Aubrie's weakness? Anything salty, especially chips!

Dispelling the myth that dance experience is a prerequisite for Pure Barre, Aubrie believes anyone can master it. Reflecting on life, she advises prioritizing family and cherishing every moment with them. Aubrie's inspirational journey stems from her roots and the progress she's made, a testament to her resilience. A travel enthusiast, she loves taking Pure Barre classes across the nation, bringing her passion for fitness wherever she goes. Join Aubrie for a transformative barre experience!