How Xponential Fitness is recreating the studio experience at home.

New production enhancements, including a 1000 sqft. ultra-high-definition LED Wall, reinvent the at-home experience.

Over the last year, our fitness streaming platform and digital workouts have been well received by the consumer market.


But while well-received, we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes planning new ways to bring our participants even closer to the action, creating an experience that truly portrays what one hears, sees, and feels during an in-person class at a local Xponential Fitness studio. The cutting-edge tech advancements made in the month of August create a new standard and paradigm for the entire digital fitness industry.


What is this magical new technology? It’s an evolution of a technique that’s been used in media production for nearly a century in one form or another: displaying a live image behind the actors. Following the lead of the most innovative production houses in Hollywood (including Disney who recently produced “The Mandalorian” using LED video technology), the recent enhancements include a 70’ x 14’ ultra-high-definition LED video wall - the largest and most sophisticated virtual filmmaking environment for digital fitness yet made.


The new technology enables an immersive, studio-like experience across our nine brands, transforming the production stage from one fitness studio to the next 4 to 5 times per day in 25 minutes, on average.




“Xponential brands are coveted for their distinct sensory in-studio experiences and we’re endeavoring to reflect that in the home or on the go,” said Garrett Marshall, President of Fitness Streaming for Xponential Fitness. “This new technology - and the production capabilities it affords - allows us to deliver a digital experience representative of being in a studio to those without convenient access.”


Check out the images and videos below from the ribbon-cutting event celebrated by Southern California and the entire Xponential Fitness family on September 1st, 2021. And, be sure to stream the latest workouts at to experience the enhancements for yourself.


Studio Tour



Day of Photography


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