How to Set Up the Perfect Virtual Fitness Space in Your Home

Not every home is designed with the assumption that someone will be performing at-home workouts inside, but even with limitations, there are several ways you can create the perfect virtual fitness space. Making your fitness space work for you might take a few sweat sessions to figure out, but once you do, you will be more motivated to stick with your at-home fitness journey. With that in mind, here are a few suggestions for creating the ideal virtual gym.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Room

Most workouts require several square feet of space to complete effectively, so make sure you are exercising in a room that allows you the freedom to move without worrying about bumping into furniture or knocking over décor. If you have a small apartment without much unoccupied space, think about how you can rearrange your furniture so it can be easily moved when you want to exercise. If moving furniture is too laborious or simply can’t be done, a stationary workout like indoor cycling with CycleBar GO or a yoga flow that only requires the area of a mat on YogaSix GO might be a better option for you.

Find a Solid Surface for Movement

Hardwood floors or grassy areas in your yard are probably the best surfaces to exercise on at home. They offer a little more bounce and less impact on your joints than surfaces like concrete or tile. Carpet is also not an ideal surface for working out because it can be uneven and slippery depending on the shoes or socks you wear. However, at the end of the day you have to work with what’s in your home, so you can always make a surface better by laying down some foam or rubber mats, which can be purchased online.

Minimize Distractions

Pick a space where you won’t be distracted and give up halfway through your workout, so the kitchen and bedroom might not be the best places to break a sweat. Choose a room where any housemates are less likely to bother you, or tell them during what time you will be exercising so they don’t enter the room you use. Most importantly, if you’re streaming from a mobile device or a laptop, turn off notifications so you stay focused the whole time.

Immerse Yourself

A great way to immerse yourself in your class and make your virtual instructor feel more lifelike is to broadcast your class on a large television. If it won’t disturb your neighbors, crank the volume up to drown out peripheral noises and get your heart pumping to the high-energy playlist. 

Gather the Proper Equipment

Last but certainly not least, make sure you have the proper equipment to execute your at-home workout. There are plenty of shops online to buy yoga mats, dumbbells and other fitness equipment. If you are trying to save money, several household objects can be repurposed as fitness equipment, i.e. jugs of water or cans of soup for weights, paper plates for sliders, etc. For those who have a higher budget, investing in equipment like a stationary bike, rowing machine or treadmill will open up more options of virtual fitness classes to try and allow for more variety in your exercise regimen.