Get to Know Your XPRO: Stevie Vladic of CycleBar

In this series “Get to Know Your XPRO,” XPRO’s for Xponential GO share more about themselves and their fitness knowledge. Working out is always more fun when you know your instructor on a deeper level, so check out what Stevie Vladic of CycleBar GO had to say below.

Where are you from and where do you currently live?

I’m from Orange County, CA but live in Irvine, CA now.

How long and why did you start teaching fitness?

I have been teaching for just over three years. I was a dancer up until college, so I needed something new to focus and spend my time on. CycleBar makes me feel right at home because of the music, the workout, and the experience. 

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My younger brother and sister because they both have an amazing work ethic in everything they do.

What is your favorite workout to do and why?

I love to lift! Balance in everything is key, and after a lift, I am always feeling accomplished. 

What is your favorite piece of workout equipment?

I may be biased as a CycleBar GO instructor, but I love the stationary bike.

What is your favorite exercise to do at the gym?


What are the five essentials you keep in your gym bag?

  1. xtend5 cream for muscles
  2. Water to always stay hydrated
  3. Celsius (fitness drink)
  4. Hair ties
  5. Facesoft towel 

What are your favorite pieces of workout clothing?

Shoes: Time cycling shoes and Nikes. Pants: Lululemon Align pants (anything animal print is the best). Tops: Carbon38 all the way!

What is your favorite healthy snack?

I always enjoy a protein smoothie with berries!

What are your top 3 tips to stay motivated with fitness?

  1. Take time off. Once you get burned out, it no longer becomes fun! 
  2. Try new things. Doing the same workout over and over again can feel boring sometimes, so always switch it up!
  3. Commit to pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. The more you TRY new things, the more you know where you stand. You never know until you try, so don’t hold yourself back! 

If you weren't a fitness professional, what would your dream job be?

My dream job would be to be in the FBI!


Now that you know Stevie a little better, check out her classes on the CycleBar app. You can learn more about the entire XPRO team here.