Get to Know Your XPRO: Mariela Arteaga of AKT GO

In this series “Get to Know Your XPRO,” XPRO’s for Xponential GO share more about themselves and their fitness knowledge. Working out is always more fun when you know your instructor on a deeper level, so check out what Mariela Arteaga from AKT GO had to say below.

Where are you from and where do you currently live?

I’m from Miami, FL and currently live in sunny Los Angeles, CA.

How long have you been teaching group fitness and what are some of your certifications?

4 years. I am FITA Circuit Training Certified, FITA Kickboxing Certified, a Keiser Certified Cycling Instructor and of course AKT Certified!

Why did you start teaching fitness?

The industry came to me. I started attending group fitness classes and quickly excelled in the classes to the point that attendees would follow me instead of the instructor. Whenever an instructor was a no-show, the class would ask me to teach so that the class would not be cancelled. Various clients called management to notify them of my popularity and I was quickly offered a position. The rest is history!

Aside from AKT, what is your favorite workout?

Bootcamp-style, HIIT workouts. I love being timed and moving quickly from exercise to exercise. Adrenaline!

What is your favorite piece of workout equipment?

A cushioned mat. Regardless of what equipment is available, with a mat I can create an effective workout by using bodyweight alone.

What is your favorite exercise to do at the gym?

Box Jumps. Stack it higher and higher. Let’s go!

What is your favorite healthy snack after a workout?

Dried fruit or apple with peanut butter is always good.

What are your top 3 tips to stay motivated with fitness?

1) Play great music. I personally love Missy Elliott among tons of other artists.

2) Set an attainable goal, i.e. adding one more rep of each exercise per workout.

3) Wear something that makes you feel great. If you look great, you'll do great. 

When you’re not working out, what do you like to do in your spare time for fun?

Go for a picnic. Sun and food are two of my favorite things!

If you weren't a fitness professional, what would your dream job be?

Hosting a Travel TV show.

Now that you know Mariela a little better, check out her classes on the AKT GO app, and prepare to sweat. You can learn more about the entire XPRO team here.