Get to Know Your XPRO: Kelsey Decker of StretchLab GO

In this series “Get to Know Your XPRO,” XPRO’s for Xponential GO share more about themselves and their fitness knowledge. Working out is always more fun when you know your instructor on a deeper level, so check out what Kelsey Decker of StretchLab GO had to say below.

Where are you from and where do you currently live?

I’m from Folsom, CA and currently living in Aliso Viejo, CA.

How long have you been teaching and what are some of your certifications?

I have been teaching for 3 years now. I am a NSCA Certified Personal Trainer and have my Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology: Health and Fitness Promotion.

Why did you start teaching fitness?

I started getting involved in teaching because fitness and connecting with people is all I have ever really felt good at. I love learning about the body and helping clients/friends/family reach their goals and understand their body to reach their full movement potential.

What are 5 essential items you keep in your gym bag?

Socks, mini bands, deodorant, yoga mat and a jump rope.

What is your favorite workout to do and why?

I love to mix it up. An easy go-to is HIIT workouts, but I love mountain biking, hiking, lifting weights, playing soccer and yoga as well.

What is your favorite piece of workout equipment?

Resistance bands or kettlebells!

What is your favorite exercise to do at the gym?

RDL's or deadlifts... also pull ups because I am not great at them. Sometimes the exercises we aren’t great at are the ones we need the most.

What is your go-to breakfast to start the day off on the right foot?

A protein smoothie or overnight oats.

Who is your favorite music to work out to?

Classic Rock workout playlist on Spotify.

What are your top 3 tips to stay motivated with fitness?

1) Just do a little bit of something every day; walking, biking, yoga or something to move your body!

2) Try to find the mindset for working out as doing something good for your body and not a punishment. Body movement should feel good and should be fun. 

3) Surround yourself with like-minded fitness people. They will help keep you accountable and support you during the days you lack motivation.

If you weren't a fitness professional, what would your dream job be?

What I am doing now! Working for a great company like StretchLab and applying fitness principles to a corporate job role.


Now that you know Kelsey a little better, check out her classes on the StretchLab GO app. You can learn more about the entire XPRO team here.