Fitness OnDemand allows in-studio members to access XPLUS for flexible class times!

Xponential+ Continues to Make Boutique Fitness More Accessible with FitnessOnDemand

Members are No Longer Limited to a Few Class Times at Xponential Studios, Thanks to FitnessOnDemand. - 

If you’ve ever visited an Xponential Fitness studio, you know it is packed in the morning, at lunchtime, and in the evening as people fit in their daily workouts with their favorite instructors. But what happens at studios in the hours between those peak class times? Up until now, they’ve mostly sat empty, but Xponential+ (XPLUS) has teamed up with FitnessOnDemand to change that. 



This month, it was announced that FitnessOnDemand has become Xponential Fitness’ exclusive hardware supplier for in-studio streaming for the boutique fitness franchisor’s more than 1,700 studios nationwide. Xponential will install FitnessOnDemand’s proprietary service platform to offer studios a simple-to-install, seamless in-studio digital experience, enabling them to utilize XPLUS within their franchise’s walls.

What that means is studios can now serve live and on-demand content through an immersive audio and video experience outside of class times, led by live XPLUS instructors! Xponential members who can’t make it to a traditional class with their favorite instructor will now be able to pop by their studio almost any time throughout the day and enjoy a workout. Can’t attend Mindy’s lunchtime class at your CycleBar studio? No worries! Stop by at 3pm and take a CycleBar ride through XPLUS.




“FitnessOnDemand was a simple and immediate choice for us when we started looking for a hardware supplier to handle our brands’ scale and popularity,” said Garrett Marshall, President of Fitness Streaming for Xponential+. “Our franchisees, their businesses and their members all work hard, so we wanted a simple, reliable and premium experience every time. FitnessOnDemand brings technological innovation, market leadership and a guarantee of excellence to that challenge as well as everything they do.”


“We love working with companies like Xponential,” says Uday Anumalachetty, divisional vice president, FitnessOnDemand. “They create exceptional content, world-class brands and really understand the member experience which is truly everything. The addition of FitnessOnDemand’s hardware platform, integrated streaming, and on-demand technology will help Xponential create a truly seamless brand experience for members working out in-studio.”

With FitnessOnDemand, XPLUS is maximizing its goal to make boutique fitness accessible anywhere and anytime. Members will still be able to use their app for classes at home, but now they can tap into the XPLUS experience in franchise locations. For more information about the partnership, visit LINK and be sure to check out XPLUS at