5 Ways to Celebrate Global Wellness Day

Happy Global Wellness Day! When people think of wellness, oftentimes their minds turn immediately to exercise or healthy eating, but there is so much more you can do to foster your personal wellness. Check out some ideas below from Tamara Teragawa, YogaSix XPRO for Xponential+ on how to celebrate Global Wellness Day!


Pamper Yourself – Take the day to appreciate all that your mind and body do for you. Practice self-care in whatever way that may be – get a facial, read a book for pleasure, do your nails. Indulge yourself in all the ways that you don’t usually have time for. Wake up early and go for a leisurely walk, or sleep in and stay in your pajamas all day! Whatever will serve you best and increase your ability to live well. 



Host a Wellness Workshop – Gather a group of friends and family, and share the wellness love. Taking some time as a community to slow down, get active, and educate one another about healthy life practices is a great way to celebrate. You could follow an Xponential+ fitness video, go to the beach (with proper sun protection of course), or have everyone bring their favorite healthy snack or dish to a potluck! Spending time with loved ones reduces depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses, making it a big overall wellness enhancer.



Be Mindful – The power of meditation, breathwork, and mindfulness is finally having its moment in the sun, because it works! Try a guided breathwork video, perhaps with YogaSix or Club Pilates on Xponential+, or take some time to silently meditate. Breathwork is trending due to its many mental and physical benefits. It can strengthen your immune system, balance your blood pressure, improve your sleep quality, and lessen negative emotions. Global Wellness Day is a great time to connect with your inner-self and see what your mind and body are really craving. 



Connect With Nature – In our current world of remote work, people are getting out of the house significantly less, which has taken a toll on many people’s mental and physical health. Being outside is scientifically proven to improve life satisfaction, lower blood pressure, burn more calories, and increase overall happiness. Another aspect of this is spending time with animals. Interacting with animals has been shown to decrease stress, reduce loneliness, and boost your mood as well. You could try going to an animal shelter and volunteering to walk the dogs there, which is mutually beneficial, petting a friend’s cat, or even horseback riding at a stable near you!



Try Something New – Trying new things is always exciting, whether or not you enjoy it. Even something as small as cooking a new recipe stimulates your brain and increases creativity. By doing things you’ve never done before, you may find a new hobby or make a new friend, but it is almost guaranteed to improve your life in some way. It doesn’t even have to be something wild like skydiving – new things are still super beneficial. You’ll even get to know yourself better, and being comfortable in your own skin is a large part of mental health and wellness.