5 Benefits of an At-Home Fitness Program

With many people still cautious about exercising at a gym or boutique fitness studio, the demand for virtual workouts has reached a fever pitch, and industry experts predict the at-home fitness boom is here to stay. While an at-home routine will never fully replace the gym or studio experience, especially once the world reopens post-pandemic, it can be a great complement to your usual fitness regimen and a means to achieving your health and wellness goals faster. 

Here are five benefits of using a streaming fitness app, like GO All Access as a resource to help you reach your fitness objectives.


The most obvious benefit of using a virtual program to achieve your fitness goals is the safety of being in your own home. Even though gyms and boutique fitness studios have robust health and safety protocols in place, you may be someone who still wants to limit their time in public spaces for the foreseeable future. At-home workouts keep you moving and sweating without the worry of coming in contact with other individuals, touching potentially germy surfaces, and sharing equipment.


One of the biggest challenges of maintaining a regular exercise regimen is simply getting to the gym. An at-home program removes that barrier by bringing the workout to you. No more commuting to and from a facility, dealing with inclement weather, or waiting for the class you want to take. As soon as you drop off the kids or finish your workday, you can turn on your preferred electronic device and stream a workout at your convenience. If you only have 15 or 30 minutes to squeeze in a workout at lunch, on-demand programs typically have express classes that can make a sweat session possible when it otherwise might not have been. CycleBar GO’s Xpress ride is a perfect example.


The options provided by online fitness programs are endless. Many programs, like Pure Barre GO, offer a large variety of modalities to satisfy any fitness curiosity and keep challenging your body in new ways. With so many options at your fingertips, boredom is never an excuse. If you want to try barre on Monday, indoor cycling on Tuesday, yoga on Wednesday, and Pilates on Thursday, an at-home program can make that a reality. Even if you don’t have specialized equipment like a stationary bike or rower, there are tons of workout options that can be performed simply with your bodyweight and household items. Engaging in a variety of workouts, such as dance, rowing, and yoga, also ensures you are fostering all facets of your fitness, including cardiovascular, muscular strength, mobility, and the mind-body connection.


When exercising alone at home, you don’t have to worry about the social pressure that sometimes comes with exercising in front of others, whether that is in the weight room or a group fitness class. For example, if there is a high-intensity sequence you are struggling to keep up with during your at-home workout, you can modify as needed or take it at your own pace with confidence. You will not be bogged down by negative self-talk or comparisons to others because when you are sweating at home, the only person you have to compare yourself to is, well, you!