4 Ways to Simplify Your Schedule

The New Years’ resolutions have officially worn off, and spring has sprung! Staying organized and on top of your calendar can feel impossible with so much going on right now. It is easy to get overwhelmed and overbooked as the weather warms up, so here are some key tips to minimize stress and simplify your schedule. 




Stick to a Sleep Schedule

Having a consistent sleep schedule is scientifically proven to have many benefits, both for physical and mental health. It is much easier to plan your days out when you know what time you’ll be waking up and going to bed. Also, you’re much less likely to hit that snooze button when you are maintaining your internal clock’s schedule, which means that you are more likely to get done what you need to in your day.


Meal Prep

Meal prepping one day a week can save so much time. Even just having one meal prepared ahead of time will make such a difference in clearing up your schedule. For example, if you cook various vegetables and proteins on Sunday, you can mix and match them for healthy, easy meals the rest of the week. As an added bonus, you’ll never feel like there’s nothing to eat and resort to eating out, which is better for you and your wallet!


Use a Planner

These days, most people use a digital calendar to plan out their days, however there are serious benefits to having a physical planner. In addition to giving you some time off from the screen, physical planners help remember things by writing them down, and you’re less distracted. You’re able to quiet the noise that comes with scheduling out your day and week, and focus on what you really need to get done. It’s also incredibly satisfying to cross something off that to-do list.


Move a Few Times a Week

A great way to easily get physical activity in and not swamp your calendar with workout classes is to schedule which days you’re going to move your body. Chances are you have a few days a week to squeeze in a ten-minute ab workout, or a quick walk around your neighborhood, and giving yourself the space to switch up your workouts increases the likelihood that you’ll actually get moving. For example, Xponential+ offers tons of short workouts you can do at home. Even social activities like going dancing with friends would check that box, which is way more fun than scheduling 30 minutes on the treadmill every day!