4 Benefits of Fitness Challenges

With summer coming to an end, people may find it more challenging to keep up with their fitness routine. While most of us started off the year strong by hitting morning workouts, buying new workout gear and meal prepping in between, it’s hard to keep up that momentum and stick to a routine as school resumes and the weather cools down. Luckily, fitness challenges are a way to keep pushing and take control of your health. Now let’s walk through the benefits!

1. Realistic

In order to build habits that can then become a lifestyle past a fitness challenge, you need to create a realistic goal for yourself. “A reachable goal is working out for only 30 minutes or less a day,” said Andy Stern, Rumble XPRO, said for Xponential+. It’s more challenging to stay motivated towards your goals when they are not realistic.

2. Builds Community

Most people tend to stay motivated when they have a support system by their side. Fitness challenges involve a group of people who are all there for the same end goal. While a fitness challenge is a competition, it is also a safe place to immerse in a healthy community and surround yourself with people who have the same passion as each other.

3. Personalization

With consistency comes results. However, to find consistency you need constant structure to help move forward and reach that end goal. With that being said, fitness challenges provide personalized workouts that are tailored to your personal fitness goals to keep you moving forward. If you are subscribed to X+, starting September 1st, you can try the 30x30 fitness challenge, which gives you the flexibility to try workouts across multiple modalities and find exactly what works for you!

4. Habit Formation

“One of the main reasons why people should join a fitness challenge is because it teaches you how to set and achieve reasonable goals,” said Lauren Reid, STRIDE XPRO for Xponential+. By not going overboard or creating unrealistic fitness expectations, you're more likely to reach your goals, which will keep you motivated to then build a long-term, sustainable healthy lifestyle for yourself.

Don’t give up on your fitness journey! Just because swimsuit season is coming to an end, we should still push ourselves every day to reach new goals and conquer different challenges. Fitness challenges comes with many health benefits, but also social benefits. Break out of your comfort zone and try something new with a community to support and encourage you along the way! For more fitness tips, check out: